Programme of the 13th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics/

Conference presentations


23 August, THUR


08.00 - 09.30 Registration (Auditorium 1-31, Faculty of Physics,

Moscow State University)


09.30 - 09.45 Opening (Conference Hall)


A.Studenikin, MSU

V.Belokurov, Vice Rector of Moscow State University

A.Slavnov, Head of Department of Theoretical Physics, Faculty of Physics of MSU

V.Savrin, Vice Director of Institute of Nuclear Physics of MSU

V.Matveev, Director of Institute of Nuclear Research



09.45 - 13.50 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: V.Belokurov


09.45 V.Matveev, A.Tavkhelidze (INR) Quantum number color, colored quarks, QCD (30 min)

10.15 O.W.Greenberg (Univ. of Maryland) The discovery of color, a participant viewpoint (30 min)

10.45 A.Slavnov (Steklov Math. Inst & MSU) Local gauge invariant infrared regularization for Yang-Mills field (30 min)

11.15 L.Okun (ITEP) The evolution of concepts of mass, energy and momentum from Newton and Lomonosov to Einstein and Feynman (30 min)


11.45-12.20 Tea break


Chairman: A.Slavnov


12.20 N.Krasnikov (INR) Search for new physics at LHC (30 min)

12.50 V.Chekelian (MPI) Review of the results of the electron-proton collider HERA (30 min)

13.20 F.Vannucci (Univ. of Paris-VII) Sterile neutrinos, from cosmology to the LHC (30 min)


13.50 - 15.00 Lunch



15.0018.15 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: O.W.Greenberg


15.00 B.Foster (Univ. of Oxford) The status of the International Linear Collider (30 min)

15.30 J.P.Fernandez (CIEMAT, for CDF Coll.) Recent results from the Tevatron on CKM matrix elements from Bs oscillations and single top production and studies of CP violation in Bs decays (30 min)


16.00 16.20 Tea break


Chairman: L.Celnikier


16.20 G.Gutierrez (FNAL, for D0 Coll.) Measurements of the top quark and W boson mass and Standard Model Higgs searches at the Tevatron (30 min)

16.50 G.Borisov (JINR, for D0 Coll.) Discovery of cascade b baryon (25 min)


18.20 23.00 SPECIAL SESSION (40 0 )


Reception banquet will be held on board of a ship that will stream along the river across the central part of Moscow; the conference buses to the ship will depart from the entrance to the Faculty of Physics at 18.20.




24 August, FRI


9.00 14.00 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: F.Vannucci


9.00 V.Gavrin (INR) Solar neutrino experiments (30 min)

9.30 S.Mikheyev (INR) Oscillations of natural neutrinos (30 min)

10.00 B.K.Fujikawa (LBNL, for KamLAND Coll.) An update on KamLAND (30 min)

10.30 B.Shaybonov (JINR) Baikal neutrino experiment: status and perspectives (30 min)


11.00 11.20 Tea break


Chairman: S.Mikheyev


11.20 Z.Djurcic (Columbia Univ.) Results of MiniBooNE experiment (20 min)

11.40 H.Ray (LANL) Searches for physics beyond the standard model with MiniBooNE (20 min)

12.00 P.Ochoa (California Inst. of Technology) MINOS results and prospects (25 min)

12.25 K.Sakashita (KEK, for T2K Coll.) Status of the T2K experiment (25 min)

12.50 K.Graf (Univ. of Erlangen-Nuremberg) Acoustic particle detection with the ANTARES neutrino telescope (20 min)

13.10 T.Kajino (Univ. of Tokyo) Big-Bang cosmology, nucleosynthesis and neutrino oscillation (25 min)

13.35 V.Lukash (Lebedev Phys.Inst.) Dark matter: from initial conditions to structure formation in the Universe (25 min)


14.00 - 15.00 Lunch



15.00 19.00 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: H.Gemmeke


15.00 H.Minakata (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.) Kamioka-Korea two detector complex for determining neutrino parameters (25 min)

15.25 A.Barabash (ITEP) Double beta decay: present status (25 min)

15.50 C.Nones (Centre de Spectrométrie Nucléaire et de Spectrométrie de Masse) From Cuoricino to CUORE towards the inverted hierarchy region (20 min)

16.10 A.Ali (DESY), A.Borisov (MSU), D.Zhuridov (Moscow Inst. of Electronics & Math) Electron angular correlation in neutrinoless double beta decay and new physics (15 min)

16.25 E.Andreotti (Univ. of Insubria) The MARE experiment: calorimetric approach for the direct measurement of the neutrino mass (20 min)

16.45 E.Mikheeva (Lebedev Phys. Inst.) Observational constraints for inflationary models (15 min)


17.00 - 17.30 Tea break


Chairman: A.Shabad


17.30 A.Starostin (ITEP) Status of the experiments on the neutrino magnetic moment measurement (30 min)

18.00 A.Studenikin (MSU) Neutrinos and electrons in dense matter: method of exact solutions of quantum wave equations (15 min)

18.15 E.Arbuzova (Int. Univ. "Dubna"), E.Murchikova, A.Lobanov (MSU) Neutrino propagation in a dense magnetized matter (15 min)

18.30 A.Kuznetsov (Yaroslavl State Univ.) Plasma induced neutrino spin-flip in a supernova and new bounds on the neutrino magnetic moment (15 min)

18.45 E.Gavryuseva (Inst. of Astrophys. and Space Research, Arcetri) Where the global topology of solar magnetic field is originated from and how does it interact to the variability of neutrino flux? (15 min)


19.00 - 22.00 Sight-seeing bus excursion in Moscow





25 August, SAT

9.00 14.00 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: G.Borisov


9.00 R.Partridge (Brown Univ.) Search for new phenomena and non-SM Higgs at the Tevatron (30 min)

9.30 A.Pranko (FNAL, for CDF oll.) Jet and photon production at the Tevatron (20 min)

9.50 V.Bunichev (SINP MSU, for DO Coll.) Top quark properties and EW measurements at the Tevatron (25 min)

10.15 B.Di Ruzza (Univ. of Trieste & INFN Trieste for the CDF Coll.) Tevatron results on B spectroscopy, lifetimes and rare decays (25 min)

10.40 J.Chauveau (Univ. Paris-VI/VII) Measurement of CP violation in B decays and CKM parameters (30 min)

11.10 11.30 Tea break


Chairman: B.Esposito


11.30 C.Kourkoumelis (Univ. of Athenth, for ATLAS Coll.) Measuring of Higgs boson at ATLAS (30 min)

12.00 G.Unel (CERN & Univ. of California, for ATLAS Coll.) Physics Beyond the Standard Model in ATLAS (30 min)

12.30 M.Siebel (CERN, for ATLAS Coll.) QCD studies in ATLAS (20 min)

12.50 B.Spaan (Univ. of Dortmund) LHCb: physics, status and perspectives (30 min)

13.20 S.Barsuk (LAL, Orsay) CKM angle measurements at LHCb (20 min)

13.40 V.Egorychev (ITEP) Search for new physics in rare decays at LHCb (20 min)


14.00 15.00 Lunch


15.00 19.25 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: R.Partridge


15.00 T.Cuhadar Donszelmann (Univ. of British Columbia) Rare B Decays at BaBar (25 min)

15.25 M.Purohit (Univ. of South Carolina) D0 mixing at BaBar (25 min)

15.50 S.Balev (JINR) Search for direct CP-violation in charged K decays from NA48/2 experiment (20 min)

16.10 D.Madigozhin (JINR) Pion-pion scattering lengthes from NA48 data on Ke4 and three-pion decays of charged kaons (25 min)

16.35 N.Molokanova (JINR) Rare kaons and hyperons decays in NA48 (20 min)



16.55 17.15 Tea break


Chairman: G.Gutierrez


17.15 F.Nozzoli (Univ. of Rome-II) Search for rare processes at Gran Sasso (20 min)

17.35 B.Di Micco (Univ.Rome-III) Recent Kloe results (25 min)

18.00 Y.Potrebenikov (JINR) The K+→ π+ experiment at CERN (20 min)

18.20 E.Shabalin (ITEP) Final state interaction in K→2π decay (15 min)

18.35 K.Urbanowski (Univ. of Zielona Gora) Khalfin's Theorem and neutral meson subsystem (20 min)

18.55 A.Ali (DESY), A.Borisov , M.Sidorova (MSU) Bilinear R-parity Violation in Rare Meson Decays (15 min)

19.10 O.Kosmachev (JINR) Nonstable leptons and (-e-τ)-universality (15 min)





26 August, SUN


9.0019.00 Bus excursion to Sergiev Posad





27 August, MON


9.00 13.50 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: A.Della Selva


9.00 D.Gorbunov (INR) Status of UHECR (30 min)

9.30 H.Gemmeke (Inst. for Data Processing and Electronics, Research Center Karlsruhe) The Auger experiment (30 min)

10.00 H.Gemmeke (Inst. for Data Processing and Electronics, Research Center Karlsruhe) Radio detection of ultra high energy cosmic rays (30 min)

10.30 V.Flaminio (Univ. of Pisa) Neutrino telescopes in the deep sea (30 min)

11.00 C.Volpe (IPN CNRS) Beta-beams (30 min)


11.30 11.55 Tea break


Chairman: V.Flaminio


11.55 G.Landsberg (Brown Univ.) Search for extra dimensions and black holes at colliders (30 min)

12.25 D.Polyakov (Center for Adv. Math. Sci. & American Univ. of Beirut) New discrete states in two-dimensional supergravity quantum systems bound by gravity (20 min)

12.45 M.Fil'chenkov, S.Kopylov, Yu.Laptev (Peoples' Friendship Univ. of Russia) Quantum systems bound by gravity (20 min)

13.05 R.Nevzorov, S.Hesselbach, D.J.Miller, G.Moortgat-Pick, M.Trusov (Univ. of Glasgow) Lightest neutralino in the MNSSM (20 min)

13.25 C.Heusch (Univ. of California, St.Cruz) High-energy e-e-, gamma-e-, gamma-gamma interactions (25 min)


13.50 15.00 Lunch


15.00 19.15 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: C.Heusch


15.00 A.Isaev (JINR) Algebraic approach to analytical evaluation of Feynman diagrams (20 min)

15.20 K.Stepanyantz (MSU) Application of higher covariant derivative regularization to calculation of quantum corrections in N=1 supersymmetric theories (20 min)

15.40 O.Kharlanov, I.Frolov, V.Zhukovsky (MSU) Bound state problems and radiative effects in extended electrodynamics with Lorentz violation (20 min)

16.00 A.Lobanov, A.Venediktov (MSU) Triangle anomaly and radiatively-induced Lorentz and CPT violation in electrodynamics (15 min)


16.15 16.35 Tea break


Chairman: A.Borisov


16.35 E.Svetlov-Prokop'ev (ITEP) Peculiarities of positron annihilation and positron states in the space plasma of Galactic Center (20 min)

16.55 S.Vernov (SINP MSU) Construction of exact solutions in two-fields models (20 min)

17.15 K.Sveshnikov, M.Ulybyshev (MSU) Nonperturbative quantum relativistic effects in the confinement mechanism for particles in a deep potential well (15 min)

17.30 A.Mykhaylov, Yu.Mykhaylov (MSU) Linearized gravity in a stabilized brane world model in five-dimensional Brans-Dicke theory (15 min)

17.45 I.Fialkovsky, V.Markov, Yu.Pis'mak (St. Petersburg State Univ.) Parity violating thin shells in the framework of QED (15 min)

18.00 T.Kamalov (Moscow State Open Univ.) Simulation the nuclear interaction (15 min)

18.15 O.Olkhov (Semenov Inst. of Chem. Phys.) Unique geometrization of material and electromagnetic wave fields (15 min)

18.30 Yu.Rybakov (Peoples' Friendship Univ. of Russia) Open and closed cosmic chiral strings in general relativity (15 min)

18.45 M.Georgieva (Offshore Tech. Development Pte Ltd, Singapore) The size of a parton (15 min)

19.00 S.Gladkov (Moscow State Regional Univ.) On nonlinear dispersion of electromagnetic spectrum (15 min)




28 August, TUE


9.00 14.00 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: B.Spaan


9.00 A.Kaidalov (ITEP) Some puzzles in B-decays (25 min)

9.25 V.Zakharov (ITEP) Nonperturbative physics at short distances (25 min)

9.50 M.Polikarpov (ITEP) Low dimensional manyfolds in lattice QCD (25 min)

10.15 Yu.Simonov (ITEP) Dynamics of QCD at nonzero T and density (20 min)

10.35 G.Lykasov, A.N.Sissakian, A.S.Sorin, V.D.Toneev (JINR) Thermal effects in heavy-ion collisions (20 min)

11.55 A.Badalian (ITEP) Decay constants of heavy-light mesons (15 min)


11.10 - 11.30 Tea break


Chairman: A.Kaidalov


11.30 N.Mankoc (Univ. of Ljubljana) Properties of four families of quarks and leptons within the approach unifying spins and charges (25 min)

11.55 A.Nesterenko (JINR) Adler function within the analytic approach to QCD (20 min)

12.15 I.Narodetskii (ITEP) P wave baryons within the Field Correlator Method in QCD (20 min)

12.35 A.Sidorov (JINR) Polarized parton densities and higher twist corrections in the light of the recent CLAS and COMPASS data (20 min)

12.55 A.Nefediev (ITEP) Chiral symmetry breaking and the Lorentz nature of confinement (15 min)

13.10 M.Osipenko (SINP MSU & INFN) Experimental moments of the structure function F2 of proton and neutron (15 min)

13.25 V.Braguta (IHEP) Double charmonium production at B-factories and charmonium distribution amplitudes (20 min)

13.45 V.Bornyakov (IHEP) Lattice results on gluon and ghost propagators in Landau gauge (15 min)


14.00 15.00 Lunch


15.00 19.20 AFTERNOON SESSION (Conference Hall)


Chairman: G.Diambrini Palazzi


15.00 A.Kataev (INR), V.Kim (INP, Gatchina) Higgs→bb decay and different QCD corrections (20 min )

15.20 I.Bogolubsky, E.-M.Ilgenfritz, M.Mueller-Preussker, A.Sternbeck (JINR) Gluon and Ghost propagators in SU(3) gluodynamics on large lattices (15 min)

15.35 M.Tokarev (JINR) QCD test of z-scaling for pi0-meson production (15 min)

15.50 A.Safronov (SINP MSU) Analytic approach to constructing effective theory of strong interactions and its application to pion-nucleon scattering (15 min)

16.05 D.Ebert, A.Tyukov, V.Zhukovsky (MSU) Phase transitions in dense quark matter in a constant curvature gravitational field (15 min)

16.20 K.Zhukovskii (MSU) Quark mixing in the standard model and the space rotations (15 min)

16.35 O.Pavlovsky (MSU) Effective Lagrangians and field theory on a lattice (15 min)

16.50 17.10 Tea break


Chairman: V.Zhukovsky


17.10 A.Shabad (Lebedev Physics Inst.) String-like electrostatic interaction in QED with infinite magnetic field (20 min)

17.30 V.Skvortsov (MIPT), N.Vogel (Univ. of Tech. Chemnitz) Nuclear reactions and accompanying physical phenomena in plasma of laser-induced discharges (15 min)

17.45 E.Arbuzova (Intern. Univ. "Dubna"), G.Kravtsova (MSU), V.Rodionov (Russian State Geological Prospecting Univ.) Particles with low binding energy in the strong stationary magnetic field (15 min)

18.00 V.Bagrov (Tomsk State Univ.) New results of synchrotron radiation theory (20 min)

18.20 V.Telushkin, V.Bordovitsyn (Tomsk State Univ.) Coherent Spin Light (15 min)

18.35 V.Sharikhin (Moscow Power Engineering Inst.) Microdrops condensation of solar photons in strong magnetic field (15 min)

18.50 A.Rabinowitch (Moscow State Univ. of Instrument Construction and Informatics) A new generalization of Dirac's equation for nucleons (15 min)

19.05 V.Belov, E.Smirnova (Moscow Inst. of Electronics and Math.) Semiclassical soliton type solution of the nonlocal Gross-Pitaevsky equation (15 min)





29 August, WED



9.00 13.00 MORNING SESSION (Conference Hall)



Round Table Discussion on


Dark Matter and Dark Energy: a Clue to Foundations of Nature


Chairman and convener: A.Starobinsky


9.00 A.Galper (MEPhI), P.Picozza (Univ. of Rome-II) Antimatter and dark matter research in space (30 min)

9.30 A.Starobinsky (Landau Inst.) Dark energy: present observational status, scalar-tensor and f(R) models (30 min)

10.00 R.Bernabei (Univ. of Rome-II) Investigating the dark halo (30 min)

10.30 A.Malinin (Univ. of Maryland) Dark matter searches with AMS-02 (30 min)


11.00 11.30 Tea break

11.30 V.Dokuchaev (INR) Anisotropy of dark matter annihilation in the Galaxy (20 min)

11.50 V.Berezinsky (LNGS), Yu.Eroshenko (INR) Remnants of dark matter clumps in the Galaxy (20 min)


12.10 13.00 Discussion and conclusion



13.00 14.30 Lunch







"Rights and Responsibility of the Intelligentsia"


14.30 14.40 Opening (Conference Hall)


14.40 S.Filatov (Found. for Social, Economical and Intellectual Programs) Rights and Responsibility of the Intelligentsia (30 min)

15.10 J.Bleimaier (Princeton) The Conscience of the Intelligentsia (30 min)

15.40 Discussion and conclusion

Closing of the 13th Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics


the 7th International Meeting on Problems of Intelligentsia